Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I managed to complete one leg. I got mixed feelings about this one. Not really satisfied with the end result, neither am I disappointed with it. I dunno. Maybe I need to let it breathe a little. Whaddaya think?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This is a commission work given to me by a friend in Sabah, Mr. Kane. It's brand new, virgin and a steal! Haven't started much, but here's a start..
The box. check out the size compared to my Winston.

 I'm starting the paint-up with the legs. Primered with Mr. Hobby gray primer and basic rust using Humbrol enamel rust.

 While waiting for the rust to dry off, gonna check out Heavy Rain..Later..

tidak BERSIH!!!

I'm struggling to finish the ARC fighter. I'm too caught up with the excitement to start a new commission, a fucking HUGE  Hasbro AT-AT, owned by a friend of mine, my new media player which holds around 1TB of movies and of course my PS3 (thanks love!) But I have to finish it anyways, so here's some more update... kinda makes me think I gotta take a break on this one for a while.

The basic weathering is completed (thank God). So sorry for the color difference. Lighting in my room sucks & frankly, I'm kinda lazy to re-shoot..

And now some rust..

 That's all for now..


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