Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I'm sorry..I wanted to share more pictures of our trip to Sandakan, the repairworks for the life-size alien, the HUGE prawns we had for dinner, the 200 year old church but alas, someone in this office must have hated bloggers bacause for some reason, the line gets extremely slow whenever i started blogging. It'll turn back to normal when I stop and turn back to facebook. Funny, eh? I can't blog at home because the Wi-Fi adapter that I bought for 60 bucks doesn't seem to work. So please bear with me for the time being , yes?


I don't know if I told you this before, but I sold my life-size swimming alien from the movie Alien Resurrection to a client in Sandakan, Sabah. Yes, it was kinda blasphemeus to do so, but I did it to sponsor my engagement reception. Anyway, to cut things short, the post office did a fucked up job and got most of the parts broken, especially the head.

So, I bought a return ticket to Sandakan, and dragged both Qorun n Baha, 2 of my closest friends with me. The client's name is Liew, and by the end of the journey, he bacame my friend.


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