Thursday, May 26, 2011


Time for a new project! I am being especially industrious these days, and found myself with yet another Star Wars vehicle to custom. This time, it's Hasbro's Clone War ARC-170 Fighter. The color scheme differs from Episode 3 which now in turn is greyish with some minimal digital camo-like patches, and this makes the fighter looks shitty. I decide to turn it back to Episode 3's color scheme. Hasbro managed to do a shitty job on the details, especially the cockpit and the gun. So Imma hafta do something about that as well..

 See, the color looks shitty, right?

And now, the shitty details on the cockpit

Monday, May 16, 2011


This Used To Be A Toy proudly presents, Left To Rust: A Star Wars custom...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


More updates! Since my bloody office didn't manage to bank in my April salary, I got free time at home to do some rustwork to the AT-ST. Oh, and by the way, we got upgraded to Bengkung Biru last Friday! Congrats to the gang! Ok..back to the WIP...

I added some more details to the body and legs.
After the primer was applied, I proceed to paint the base color silver. I also added the rust and battle marks all over the body.

Then I applied the rust (Daler  Rowney oil) using sponge..

And later, the salt + hairspray thingie..

 Another layer of oil wash..
 That's it for now..


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