Monday, December 23, 2013


This is how the Hasbro cockpit looks like, originally.

Without the pilot 

without the seat


Now, the best part, 3D prints!
First try, I made a mistake of not fixing the 3d file first before sending it to print. 

Second try, after fixing the .stl files by sending them to (it's free!)

Looks soo much better! And here's the full set.

The pilot seat

the front part thingie

Side wall panel

This is how it looks like, assembled.

And this is where it will be placed, note the difference in size compared to the original Hasbro size shown previously.

I don't know about you fellas, but I'm psyched as hell in this project, and I haven't had this excitement [outside of the bedroom] for a very long time! I'm gonna do the lights after this so stay tuned!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Hola fellas! I'm back, finally, starting on a another new (yes, new) Star Wars project! WEEEHOOOO!! This time it will be a conversion of the Hasbro Tie Interceptor to a proper museum quality (hopefully) replica. I got this tie interceptor from a dear friend of mine, Birudamai. (Thanks dude!)
Overall, Hasbro did quite a good job on the overall look. The size is just nice, the color is quite ok and the the scale is generally true to the 3 3/4 inch figure. Here's how it looks like straight from the box..

The main cockpit is attached together by 4 screws, 2 on each side. Looks easy enough to open, right? WRONG. The fucker is still stuck together even after you took out all the screws. It turns out that there's 6 internal pegs glued inside, so you basically have to force/pry the damn thing and break the pegs. I damaged the front sides a bit during the process..but I guess I can fix it later..Here's how it looks like after I raped it.

That's all for now..there's still a lot to do. Stay tuned..

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'm so sorry peeps..I took an overtime for my hibernation from my work. Just got back from Japan, the land of everything nice and naughty. My darling mini-me just turned 6 months (which explains my long absence). I'm just prepping up my workshop to start again. It has been a really good year so far, and I hope I'll end it better... I have a planet of great projects lined up to be executed, and I hope I can share them with you in the near future. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm still waiting for mi MIG productions rust pigment for my regult pod, and using this as an excuse, I start yet another model kit. The one I've been waiting to do all along. Kotobukiya's 1/100 scale MGS Rex. I wanted the 3A version soooo bad. The first time it came out as a pre-order, I was getting married, so I couldn't pre-order it. When it came out last few months, I was (still am) expecting a baby, so I missed that as well. The cheaper alternative is the koto kit, which I am doing right now. So, you can imagine my extra enthusiasm to build this kit. I was so into it, that I forgot to take any pics of the process..hah! But I can tell you this, the model kit is worth every sen!!! The fucker is detailed as fuck!! I'm planning to get a second one soon! 

So anyway, here's some pics of the basic color scheme..

That's all for now.. Hopefully, I can finish this and the regult pod before my mini-me comes out!

Monday, March 18, 2013


What a wonderful weekend! I've finished my office layout design for my cient, so now I have time to fully concentrate on the Regult Pod. Started off with the base color, and then continued with the masking process..

Basic painting stuff fellas. This is after the application of decals..

and some cockpit details..( with a bit of photoshoppin')

Looking good so far..

Test fit's a go, but I gotta say, don't be fooled by the scale 1/72. This thing is a MONSTER, which makes me wonder the size of the motherfucker were it real. Check out the size comparison I made with my phone..(old school rocks! fuck yeah!)

That's it for now. Hope I can weather the sonofabitch by this week.. Stay tuned!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


It's been a while eh? Since the house ID was completed, I've a few other necessities that needed my full attention. So, the workshop was closed for some time. Good news is, I managed to start on a mini-project, a Bandai 1/72 scale Regult Pod. For those who wasn't born  in the 80s or wasn't into Macross, a regult pod is a 2-legged pod that the zentradis (bad guys) use to fight the good guys. Go check the animation already! So anyway, here's what I've done so far...

legs, dry-fitted 
1/2 of the pod, originally
separated the pod, to add cockpit detail later..
lower cockpit detail
upper cockpit detail
upper cockpit interior view
just to show some scale..

Wait up for more WIP soon! (I hope, hah!)


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