Tuesday, June 29, 2010


To be frank, I've almost given up doing architecture. The flame burning is too small to even make any difference. The architecture "industry" (that's what the masses call it now. What a joke) cares more about making money than anything else. We manufacture buildings now, opening catalogs and selecting styles for the clients. They chose, we build it for them. There is no more intimacy between an architect and his building. 
 Last evening, I went to see a friend, and he poured fuel to my dying flame. Hope is not lost. We will stand and fight! Bring it on!

Melodrama aside, Pak Ndak's residence has reached 70% on the concrete works. I've never posted anything here yet. I guess it's about time to show something.

The 3d renderings of the house, courtesy of Qorun..

And here's some Sketchup views of the initial design...

Friday, June 18, 2010


Yeah!! We've reached 400 viewers..I know it's not that much but, hell, 401 now, 20 million later, right? I was talking to Bob just now about upgrading your life. When we look back at our younger years, we upgrade ourselves after every semester break or a long holiday. We move one step up to a higher grade or classroom. There's always the next goal, the next exam to score. Then came the University life (for those who are blessed with the chance to further their studies) Still, we keep on upgrading ourselves. After graduation, everything stops. There are no more visible upgrading options for us. For the rest of us, we stopped learning and just accept everything that was given to us. A shitty job, a mediocre house, a nagging wife...Is that all there is to life? I like to believe that it's not. Yes, to a certain point, we are destined to be something. But that doesn't mean we have to swallow everything and just be content with what we have, right? So lets start building something better for our lives, continue our upgrade process and live life to the fullest.
What say you?


A glimpse of what's to come..I'm still busy rearranging my life n work n house..I'll update later. Meanwhile, here's a teaser..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ok..I just found out the sms was a dud, crap. 
On a lighter side, I finally have the time to continue my TF Megatron repaint commission. Snapped some photos...bla..bla..bla..


I got an sms this morning saying that a convoy of doctors from around the world (MERCY) was bombed by the Israeli military forces. 19 died and another 12 were missing. I turned on the radio to listen further to any news regarding this matter...............It was 9 a.m, and the news was on. All I hear are stories about the World Cup, on every radio station I could find. WTF?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


.......Work's a bitch. I'm still juggling with the notion that I still need to pay a lot of depts due to the unforseen circumstances that happened lately. I did manage to continue with Fazli's Megatron commission tho'. Haven't taken any pics yet. Probably tomorrow. Just letting the world know I'm still alive and kicking for the moment..


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