Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was stuck in a traffic jam whilst driving to work today. Office was more fucked up than usual lately, and I was forced to do full time designworks again and that means 3d proposals and sleepless nights after 3 years of project management (just shows that some good things DO come to an end). Since I can't do anything else to avoid the angst of waiting and cursing retarded drivers, I did the next best thing a man could do whilst stuck in a jam; I started to daydream and ponder upon my life. Why the fuck didn't I enroll in a Pilot School after high school? I'd be filthy rich by now and I won't have to deal with deadlines and screaming bosses and designer's block and stupid authority requirements. Hell, all I need to do is take off and land a jumbo fucking jet and get laid. My life would be so much easier.

I started to recall on why I enrolled in an architecture school in the first place. My mom wanted me to become a doctor (talk about cliche`s). I was determined on becoming the an architect. And so, I faced hell in college, met retards and fuck-ups when I started working, and still meeting new ones, wasted 3/4 my waking life in front of the drawing table and still I beg for more. And suddenly it hit me like a lightning bolt from up Zeus's ass; I LOVE to design. Simple as that. I can't have that luxury as a pilot. Or as a tokey kedai runcit. The satisfaction I get after a strenuous design proposal is PRICELESS. And THAT, my friends beat the shit out of any other jobs I could dream of at the end of the day.

So here's to another episode of my career in the fun world of architecture. Cheers!

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