Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey guys..It's been a while. I had soooo many things to sort out after my Mum's death, couldn't find the time to update the blog. Had to reshuffle my life again. Bla bla bla..I could type a whole fucking book on what happened after she died but that would probably bore you to death. So, I'll just skip forward to some of the things I continued after the ordeal. 
One of 'em was the Gundam 00 diorama, "New Model".  Did I mentioned that I changed the diorama title? Sorry, I forgot. My short-to-mid term memory is really bad. Anyway, here's some updates..
First off, the diorama base..
The mound was made with polystyrene board pasted onto a chipboard base.
I used diluted white glue and real sand and stones.
When the glue has dried and the sand+stones are set, I started to paint the textures of the ground using a mixture of burnt umber, mahogany & some khaki green.

Static grass applied.

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  1. Salam Tuan.
    1st-Aku bersyukur dpt menjadi sahabat kepada insan yang sungguh berbakat.
    2nd-Aku bersyukur dapat memegang sendiri model diorama ni.
    3rd-Tak sabar nak tunggu siap nih!!!



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