Thursday, March 17, 2011

A NEW OLD part 1

I ordered an ERTL Star Wars Episode 1 AAT model kit from ebay a few weeks ago. After a few days, my hunger to paint, weather and bash the damn thing became so unbearable that I bought myself the closest thing that could quench my desire, a Hasbro Clone War AAT toy vehicle. I got it relatively cheap but the paintwork sucks. But who cares about the paintwork, right?

The color scheme differs from the original movie, but the design remains the same. The only thing that really sucked was the undercariage was really bland and the 3 wheels looked stupid.

I got rid of the wheels, cover the holes with epoxy putty and drilled a hole under the turret area for the engine bay. I also added some "rivetted" effect to the cocpit area.

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