Wednesday, April 27, 2011


*tribute to RupaJiwa

The past few weeks has been bizarre to me. I seem to be losing a number of 'friends'. Not a big number, mind you. Just a couple of them, but still, it kinda got to me. Futhermore, I'm starting to get insecured with my life. Luckily, I got my passion, and with it, my latest project, Hasbro's Star Wars AT-ST custom. 
  When I got it, both the legs are snapped, but otherwise, quite brand new. I'm still toying with the idea of doing a full wreckage scene, but first, I must detail up the fucker. Hasbro has done quite a good job with the mold. Quite accurately produced, compared to the previous AT-ST version which looked more like a chicken. The only problem with this one is the joints which can be wobbly at times. 

So, I started by attaching the legs back to the 'hips'. This means there will be limitations to the articulation, but a more stable pose.
  Then comes the detailing parts, Added the side wall using a 3mm acrylic board (which was a bitch to glue), I kitbashed most of them from my old PG Gundam Astray Red Frame. I changed the plastic railing on the crown to coper rod. 
When I fitted the back again, the fucker was kinda bowing down, and that doesn't look cool at all..Gotta fix this soon..

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  1. Salam.
    Mmm...Tuan bertuah ada kepandaian merepair.
    Ayuh.Settlekan cepat.
    Tak sabar nih!



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