Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aku tengah bikin model alien bust buat julung kalinya dalam masa 4 tahun. Sebelum ni ada la jugak cobaan utk sculpt, tapi sumanya hampeh. Since the economy is shitty right now, I gotta save up from buying new models, so I thought to myself, w.t.f buat sendiri la. Baru separuh siap, tapi aku rasa mcm haram sebab outcome setakat ni mcm alien aku tu baru nak belajar jadi garang. Puat cakap gigi dia besar sangat, jongang. Talking about jongang, aku rasa mcm nak redo the whole thing. Kasi nampak matang skit.
I used to believe that I could do almost anything if given a chance. Fuck, I still believe that I'm born to shred the guitar. I just don't have one. Nowadays, I'm starting to have doubts. I need to keep the fire burning.

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