Friday, February 27, 2009


I had a chat with Puat at the chimney forum regarding makeup artists and money. He told me that there was this makeup artist in Malaysia (can't remember her name) who charges around 1800 bucks for a wedding makeup session. Imagine that, 18 hundred bucks just to look pretty for a few hours! Well fuck me sideways..This reminds me of the late Stan Winston. He's the guy who turned Arnold to a fuckin' robot. I wonder if he started his career by painting lipstick on a bride's lips on a bloody wedding...hmmm...I don't think so.

Why does our makeup artists restrain themselves just to make people look prettier when makeup artists outside are trying to find ways to make you look like you died 4 hundred years ago, convincingly? Why constrain yourself? Because the market in this country demands that pretty is good money? Why does it always have to revolve around money? What the fuck happened to passion and dreams?

It always crushes me whenever I see a dream dissipates and die everytime greed takes over. I hear people saying "I need money to pay my bills, feed my children, pay the rent & mortgages..bla..bla..bla.." What does that have to do with being creative with what you do? Why do we always tie ourselves with these excuses when we could achieve a whole lot more by being true to ourselves? Why do we go to work doing shitty jobs that we hate just so that we can pay bills that we don't really want at the end of the month? Whatever happened to free will? Fuck all that I say!

"WE ARE NOT SLAVES! WE ARE_______!" (please fill in the gap)

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