Friday, June 18, 2010


Yeah!! We've reached 400 viewers..I know it's not that much but, hell, 401 now, 20 million later, right? I was talking to Bob just now about upgrading your life. When we look back at our younger years, we upgrade ourselves after every semester break or a long holiday. We move one step up to a higher grade or classroom. There's always the next goal, the next exam to score. Then came the University life (for those who are blessed with the chance to further their studies) Still, we keep on upgrading ourselves. After graduation, everything stops. There are no more visible upgrading options for us. For the rest of us, we stopped learning and just accept everything that was given to us. A shitty job, a mediocre house, a nagging wife...Is that all there is to life? I like to believe that it's not. Yes, to a certain point, we are destined to be something. But that doesn't mean we have to swallow everything and just be content with what we have, right? So lets start building something better for our lives, continue our upgrade process and live life to the fullest.
What say you?

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  1. Congrats on the 400 readership.
    I'm a fan as well :)

    ... and welcome to the club of 'everwonder',
    it keeps yu exploring.



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