Tuesday, June 29, 2010


To be frank, I've almost given up doing architecture. The flame burning is too small to even make any difference. The architecture "industry" (that's what the masses call it now. What a joke) cares more about making money than anything else. We manufacture buildings now, opening catalogs and selecting styles for the clients. They chose, we build it for them. There is no more intimacy between an architect and his building. 
 Last evening, I went to see a friend, and he poured fuel to my dying flame. Hope is not lost. We will stand and fight! Bring it on!

Melodrama aside, Pak Ndak's residence has reached 70% on the concrete works. I've never posted anything here yet. I guess it's about time to show something.

The 3d renderings of the house, courtesy of Qorun..

And here's some Sketchup views of the initial design...


  1. Insyaallah, perjuangan belum selesai saudaraku.
    Jgn brenti dr architecture.Tp brenti dr fikir nak brenti dr architecture.Mungkin saudara dah bgerak terlalu lama dlm architecture.Dah sampai masanya perlahankan sedikit & lepas ni jgn bergerak terlalu laju,biar perlahan asalkan berterusan...Insyallah apa yg saudara impikan,akan tiba jua akhirnya.Amin.

  2. "huh huh", (style ccy gelak)
    "this looks like my grandma's design when she was in jkr", trying to put off the flame.

    ok...on the positive note. try play "eternal flame" when doing your architecture work...haha!

    ok la...ni btol² punya ikhlas dari hati.

    nice work :)



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