Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm starting a new project. I know, I've got other unfinished jobs in my hands now, and I don't need to start a new project. But, you see, the alien queen needs a new 0.15 nozzle, which I don't have right now, and the AT-ST diorama needs a base and a static grass applicator, both are not in my hands yet. And the GN-X diorama remake is well, in need of resin. 
So....... I'm starting a new project.

This is a 1:1.5 scale Sauron Helm. It was supposed to be 1:1 scale, but I didn't realise that I needed to enlarge the damn thing before I start, and when I did realize, it was too late. So, 1:1.5 it is. I can't remember where I got the pep file, for I obtained it for some time now.

Started out by printing the pep file on to 200gm coated paper. Took 30 pieces to form the whole Helm. Started cutting and gluing Friday night. Here's what I got by the end of Friday..

Continued cutting and folding and pasting all throughout Saturday. And here's the result...

Starting to take shape now..And by the time the weekend is over, this is what I got....

Still a long way to go. I thought I could finish it over the weekend, but I guess I was wrong. The bastard's a bit too tough.

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