Monday, September 24, 2012


I gotta halt the progress for the Thomas Helmet for a while. My dwelling is being renovated. By right, this post should be in "Native Tongue DesignLab", but I feel that this particular project deserves a more personal touch. After all, this is the place I'll be spending most of my life in. Due to financial constraints, I'm gonna divide the "SELF-RESIDENCE" project into 2 Phase; 
a) Main Living Area Phase 
b) Supporting Area Phase

The Main Living Area consists of renovation for the Kitchen, Master bedroom and the Master bath. These are the more important areas that I need to cover first.
The Supporting Area will be the upper balcony, the loft, the guest bath and the upper level store/workspace.

Let's start with the kitchen...

The actual progress on site has started last Friday. I'll post the progress pics later tonight.

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