Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm still waiting for mi MIG productions rust pigment for my regult pod, and using this as an excuse, I start yet another model kit. The one I've been waiting to do all along. Kotobukiya's 1/100 scale MGS Rex. I wanted the 3A version soooo bad. The first time it came out as a pre-order, I was getting married, so I couldn't pre-order it. When it came out last few months, I was (still am) expecting a baby, so I missed that as well. The cheaper alternative is the koto kit, which I am doing right now. So, you can imagine my extra enthusiasm to build this kit. I was so into it, that I forgot to take any pics of the process..hah! But I can tell you this, the model kit is worth every sen!!! The fucker is detailed as fuck!! I'm planning to get a second one soon! 

So anyway, here's some pics of the basic color scheme..

That's all for now.. Hopefully, I can finish this and the regult pod before my mini-me comes out!

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  1. Terbaek bro!!!!
    Syabash! Kan best kalau ada 2...
    He he he racun...



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