Monday, July 5, 2010

the making of RED RAGE

This is the first time I'm doing a Perfect Grade Gundam kit. There's about a million runners, 20 billion parts and a world of decals for this fucker. I was a bit scared to start, having bought this kit for a hefty sum. I wouldn't wanna screw it up. But kits are meant to be cut, snapped, glued and painted. So that's what I did. has an extensive review of the kit (but it's in Korean) so I'm gonna skip that. All I can say is damn, the kit is worth every penny. The plastic quality is superb. And the pieces fits perfectly. The skeleton parts has a kind of gloss coating that was so cool, I decided not to AB it. I just painted the detailed parts. Here's some pics..


  1. aku handpaint detail parts dia je. Yg lain (warna merah tua tu) semua color asal



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