Friday, July 9, 2010


Between the iron man bust, the bungalow, my office works, Fazli's commission and other stuff, I managed to squeeze a mini-project; Armored Core's Rosenthal Hogire Noblesse Oblige with V.O.B (hopefully customized soon). Pardon me, I was too lazy to snap any photos for the WIP, it was a straightforward build anyways. The Kotobukiya kit was excellent in detail far superior than those of a Bandai MGs but the snap-fittings were a fucking bitch. This would easily be the first and the last time I'm gonna do a Koto kit. Anyway, here's some post progress pics. I'm in the middle of weathering it, juggling between Fazli's final battle damage Megatron. 

Right after completion....This is before any weathering or the completion of the V.O.B

V.O.B attached, with partial weathering


  1. uih,yg silinder blkng tu add on sendiri ker????

  2. tu Vanguard Overed Boost (VOB). Kotobukiya gak, asal2 utk Armored Core White Glint, tapi bleh masuk ngan Noblesse ni aku taruk je la..Hehe.. Belum siap lagi ni. Ada a few custom cables belum pasang. Nanti aku post lagi. Thanks 4 viewing!



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