Friday, July 30, 2010


Let's re-cap: last March, I got hooked on Gundam. It started with a Non grade 1/100 scale Ground type Tieren and an MG 1/100 scale GN-X. I started off with the Tieren, finished the kit, continued halfway with the GN-X, came to dead-end and halted since. 4 months later, here I am trying to resurrect that diorama project. It took me a while to "destroy" the Tieren, as it was a nice model and not that cheap either, but it had to be done for the 'greater good'. Here's some WIP pics..

 Here's where I left it before..(ref. "Giant Robots!" thread)

The final moments before the 'destruction'

Applying rust onto the right leg. Looks good So far. Humbrol Rust Enamel and Burnt Umber oil color.


  1. Looks good...? No it doesn't, it look AWESOME!
    Can't wait to see it finish.
    Keep 'em WIP comin'!

  2. Thanks for the kind words good sir. Rest assured, them WIPs will be comin' soon!

  3. Salam Tuan.
    Mmg mjadi karatan Tuan! Real beb!
    Saya tau macamana mata Tuan boleh mjadi sbegini sharp & cemerlang! Semuanya datang dari akal,hati yang bersih & jiwa yang tenang.



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