Friday, August 1, 2014


Greetings humans. It's time for another episode of "DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE BEFORE YOU DIE". 
I had the pleasure of meeting a coupla Malaysian cosplayers who are into predators the other day, and they invited me to join their fb group, Malaysia Predator Clan. Wow! These guys are great! The amount of passion they put into their predator suits really amaze me. The group is small, but each of them has or in the process of making their own predator suit! HAH!! Cool, innit??!! It's like meeting up your long lost brother. 
So, being me, I ditched the TIE interceptor project (only for a while) and ...wait for it.......started my own Predator suit project...heheheh..
Here's a list of what I need to do to become an "ugly motherfucker", as arnold would say it:

  • make a bio helmet (no, I'm not gonna use the ones I've already have..where's the fun in that, right?)
  • make an undermask with dreads and teeth and all
  • make a muscle suit
  • make a set of armor and backpack and weapons to go with the muscle suit
  • wear the suit with pride
  • go kick some ass!
So that's the plan. First off, I wanted to become the Wolf Predator from AVP:R. He's just sooo damn badass! I already have a sideshow Wolf Predator Bio Helmet and a smaller Snyder Helmet, but still I decided to make another one just for the fun of it. 
I started off with a pep file that I found in the hunter's lair forum, a damn accurate pep file. Here's some progress pics :

And here's some comparison pics between the pep mask and the sideshow and snyder mask:

Not too bad, eh? Now that the easy part's done, we go to the dirty part; resin & fibreglass application..(the part I hate most)

...and more dirty work, bondo and sanding....dread..

....and filling the gaps....

....and lastly, texturing...cough cough..

After this stage, I began to feel restless due to the fact that the helmet seemed tad too big. And although this is not totally finished yet, I decided to start with the muscle suit. I will revisit the bio helm once I finish the suit so that I get the Idea of how big the helm should really be...

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  1. Holy Shit! Ugly motherfucker!
    Pergh rasa macam omputih pulak...
    Lawa bro!



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