Monday, March 22, 2010


Like I said before, last weekend was a good one. Saturday was fully utilized, come Sunday, an old friend of mine invited me to his house for some makan-makan. He informed that most of our friends would be there. Naturally, I accepted the offer. His house was almost an hour's drive from mine. When I reached there, I saw faces that was last seen about ten years ago. They belong to friends I had lost contact with. I suddenly find myself ten years younger. Everybody was married execpt yours truly. I was still the same old bastard they knew before. Now I know that the gathering was actually an informal reunion of MRSM Kuantan 1995 batch, the school I never went to. To explain how I got to know these individuals would probably take an electrician's timing to come up with the schematics of the human heart, so I'll just skip the part. These are the brothers I never had, and comrades that I would gladly die for. Thank you for the memories...

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