Wednesday, March 17, 2010


No, I don't have any updates yet for the diorama..And no, I haven't snapped any pictures of the progress as well. Yes, I got a few ideas on how it will look like. Yes, the Tieren will be fucked (not literally) by the GN-X. Yes, I've started building the GN-X unit but No, there are no photos yet. No, it will not distract me from my other comissions. Yes, I still need to finish up the 2 Leader Class Megatron repaint comissions. Yes, I've started Boyak's but there's still a lotta things to do. No, I haven't lost the passion to do the Gundam diorama..And no, I didn't forget about the star wars vehicles repaint projects. Yes, I know I have too many things in my head now. And yes, the Kajang House will be built, Insyaallah..Yes, the client has signed the agreement with my contractor last night. No, we haven't obtained the approvals just yet, but we will, hopefully. Yes, I'll post in the progress pics soon. Well, that's that...

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