Friday, March 5, 2010


I used to go back at 2-3am in the morning when I was in ZLG Sdn. Bhd. Sometimes I don't go back at all. If I get lucky, I can ride the last night train. Nowadays, I go back at 5.30pm sharp, everyday without fail. I can see the sun almost everyday. I can have teh tarik with my friends, go see a movie or two before I come home. The pace has slowed down for me. But once in a while, I miss the chaos.
Maybe I miss the rush of adrenaline when trying to finish the deadline in 3 hours. Or the excitement of riding to Challenge Park Site and witnessing my first non-residential project coming into bloom, slowly. Or was it just the pure passion for design?

Photos by: Rupajiwa


  1. nice...
    btw, it's nescafe tarik for me in the evening please... never teh tarik

  2. aiks...takkan terkenang kisah lalu dah kot? order me one roti canai with kari kambing also.

  3. Handsome building.Sleek.
    Well done Mr.Architect.



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