Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The chimney is smoking again. After 9 months, the gears in my head are churning again, fueled by dreams that were almost buried by the shitty Malaysian Architectural Industry. Industry in the sense that we are in fact manufacturing buildings, not creating spaces and places. I nearly lost to that battle, almost gave up on the idea, but lo and behold, Allah S.W.T sent me a fellow believer and dreamer to remind me that the war is not lost yet. Alhamdulillah.
I hope that this will be a new dawn for all of us dreamers....Let's raise our goblets!

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  1. Luqman Hakim berkata pada tuannya:"Wahai tuanku.Memang tidak ada bahagian yang paling baik selain lidah & hati jika keduanya memang baik.Dan tidak ada bahagian yang paling buruk selain daripada lidah & hati sekiranya keduanya memang buruk"
    Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,tetapkanlah hati semua pemimpi-pemimpi ini.Amin...



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