Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I went to see the doctor last 2 nights due to my thumbnail's "cagu" or "cengkam kuku". I really don't know what to call it in english. I arrived at 6.30 pm. The clinic was in the Projects Housing in Bandar Tun Razak and parking was a bitch. The area was kinda clean though. I registered and took a waiting number. I got 34 and it was 26 at that time. So, I waited..and waited..and waited..and waited.............It was 8.30 when my number was called. 2 fucking hours! They do surgeries here? When I went in, the nurse took my blood pressure and laughed when I told her I had "cagu". And then I saw the doctor. He was in 50s I guess. Has a pleasant face, and very soft spoken. He asked me what's wrong, I told him about the "cagu"..He smiled and said "It's the GERMS!" and started to explain to me the english name for cagu: PARONYCHIA. He then explained that Paro comes from a greek word which means nail (if I could rememver correctly) and nychia, a latin word that I've forgotten what it means. He started to tell me the history of the name, how you can get infected bla bla I know why it took so long to get to my number. 
But he was nice enough to ask whether I need an M.C not. I declined and so just gave me a painkiller shot and some antibiotics. And the total for everything was only 30 bucks! It could easily be 70 bucks or more at other clinics and this doctor just charged me 30! Now I understand why the place was so full of people. 
Dr. Kassim, I salute you for your services!

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  1. Allah...siannya ko bang...dahla ibu jari,byk keja tak boleh wat sbb takleh pegang.Sib baik korek idung boleh lagi ;-)



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