Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm in the midst of a crisis. A few months back, the gundam craze got to me. I bought a coupla model kits (1/100 scales mostly) in the hopes of building myself a fine diorama. I was certain I'm gonna make a real impressive show. I mean, I've done rotting corpses and life-sized terminators, right? A robot diorama should be a piece of cake! So, I started off by assembling a 1/100 scale Tieren Ground unit, the 'victim' in this diorama. It was a relatively easy and enjoyable built.

I assembled the parts, waiting for the right time to start with the weathering and washes.

I browsed the net to look for inspiration for the diorama while waiting for the weekends to come. To my horror, I found out that I was wrong about everything. I found a few guys who does really WICKED gundam dioramas!! Their works are so overwhelming that it makes me wanna just throw away everything and give up.
I now know that building gundams are not a piece of cake. It takes careful planning, a lot of sleepless nights, a whole lotta patience and most importantly, PASSION. Just thinking about the whole process sent shivers down my spine. I lost all the confidence I had before. The best thing I could do is to follow what my old teacher used to say; if you reach a dead end, sleep over it. Hopefully, you'll find your way tomorrow. So, I slept.

Today, I'm full of new energy. Can't wait to face the Gundam Challenge! Eager to shed blood for the thing that keeps me sane..I'll keep on posting, and I'll keep on building!


  1. bro,pasni wat dio pkai kit Maschinen Krueger plak,heheheee

  2. kamon,kasi WIP sokmo,yearghhhh

  3. Hehe..Maschinen Krieger mahal la bro..aku tak mampu..huhuhuhu..mungkin bila aku ada duit spare kut..niat dihati mmg nak wat..



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