Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's good to have dreams. I dream every night. It doesn't really matter if it's a wet dream or a nightmare, as long as I know I can end the day with a dream. Last night, I dreamt about a really dirty toilet in my kampung and my mom and uncle forced me to clean it up. The idea of having filth and slime all over me woke me up. It gave me some time to visit the loo...
The story about last night's dream has little to do with what I'm going to show here. The only similarities they share is both of them revolve around dreams. This is my second Interior design commission and it's called Di (I just made that up..I don't really have an artistic name to it yet). The first commission was lost in a fire, well, almost. My old hard drive crashed and burned.

The line goes down from the wakaf ceiling to the concrete floor, into the kitchen and out to the dining hall, little by little leaving behind a trail of marks for those with the third eye to find.

The island countertop is probably my favourite piece, by the way.

By now the lines has taken shape. The boxes continues upwards to the Master chambers...

I didn't chose the color of the box. The client's wife did. But it turned out nicely. I wanted it to be raw concrete...

Try to look for the hidden door to the Walk-in Closet...

Photos by: RupaJiwa

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  1. Salam Tuan Kebuk Wasap.
    Apa saja perkara yang terhasil dari tangan anda,selalu menjadi sentuhan yang tidak kecundang.Insyallah.



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