Monday, March 22, 2010


Allrighty then..The weekend was a good one. Went to visit the Kajang site with my contractor Saturday morning, met up with a potential client afterwards, who wanted me to design a preparation bar for his boutique tea cafe in Kelana Jaya..and afterwards, when I got home, continued Pepatung's commission #02: Boyarque's Megatron repaint. I've dismantled the main parts, painted the base silver color and started with the detail paintworks. Boyarque wanted his Megatron to be minimally worn, not too much scar and weathering..a bit different than the one I had in mind for Fazli's Megatron, which is good..Anyhoo, here's some update pics....

 "The trip to the butcher was a big mistake.."

The canon arm, the start of detail paintworks

"Shiver me timbersss..We got a live 'un 'ere!"

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