Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I had a very interesting weekend. It started with a call from XL saying that my Sideshow T-600 life size bust has arrived. I've waited for half a year for this, almost gave up and they said that it's finally here and I can pick it up anytime soon! So, I did what an other sensible joe would, I went there, paid in full and brought it to its new home.(miskin aku bulan ni) The bust itself was HUGE! VERY detailed, nicely painted rust. All in all, although it costed me a hand, it's WORTH IT!

Check out the size of the box!

"Look Ma! Got lights!"

Now all I need is Linda Hamilton...


  1. There is no such thing that one can call 'sensible' about a guy collecting life size bust that cost half of your monthly salary... then posing next to it as if you are Space Cop Gaban.

  2. A man's got to do, what a man's got to do...



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